Let the Tree planting begin...

posted 14 Nov 2021, 06:33 by James Wilding
With the outcomes from COP26 becoming clear, we all appreciate the global warming is real, affecting the whole planet and we have a responsibility to change our actions so that the world benefits.
Having been accepted by Carbon Footprint and the Woodland trust, Claires Court have the opportunity to plant some 5000 trees this winter. 
In addition, 100 of our supporters have bought a bigger tree to helps us make a Canopy walkway of trees to stretch across our Eastern part of Claires Court fields, to link Maidenhead Thicket to the North to Woolley Firs and their nature reserve on the South West of our school footprint. Families have booked planting for this Saturday coming 20 November and the Saturday following, 27 November. We have a final session opening for Saturday 4 December, open season for other boys, girls, families and friends of the school to join us for tree planting. If you would like to take part on Sat 4 December, please let me know via this form. https://forms.gle/CLKCvcGVqA2thBs39