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#GottabeageniusGottabeextraordinary Masters student, Dawa Balogun (2007-14) meets with Prime Minister Boris Johnston

posted 29 Sep 2020, 03:56 by James Wilding   [ updated 29 Sep 2020, 03:59 ]
"Today I had another great opportunity sitting 1-to-1 with the Prime Minister of the UK Boris Johnson to discuss the topic of mylaw dissertation in actioning ideas that will solve the issues of youth crime & eliminate the prejudices experienced within the black community through stop searches by the police."
After A levels at CC, Dawa studied Sports Management at Georgia Southern University (USA) on a soccer scholarship, where he also became a Nike brand ambassador. After graduation in 2017, he returned to the UK, completed his LLB at Brunel University and is now studying to become a solicitor and gain his Master at the College of Law in London.