Alex Sears wins Emmy award for his fantastic graphic art story telling for CNN News

posted 28 Jun 2021, 10:01 by James Wilding

The Project which Alex was involved in was called ‘Style Origins’, which won an Emmy in 2019 for ‘Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction’. Alex was heavily involved in 2/4 of the episodes, working on various aspects of production such as storyboarding, concept development, design, animation, and co-art directed the ‘Evolution of Red Lipstick’ episode.


The purpose of the series ‘Style Origins’ is to inform people about the compelling and colourful history of iconic events or objects in our everyday lives which we wouldn’t necessarily know about. The four topics include the red carpet, the pride flag, the fashion show, and red lipstick. All seemingly simple ideas that went on to revolutionize industries, became political platforms and changed our perspectives. The series explores how these ideas represent our human nature, our need to create, and our need to belong.

CNN - The Evolution of Red Lipstick ‎(1)‎.mp4