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Jeremy Irons and 'The Girl with No Voice'.

posted 15 Sep 2020, 03:09 by James Wilding

Head of SB Art, Frances Ackland-Snow wrote a Child's fairytale in 2019. The fairytale is a universal story about a little girl finding her true self, overcoming adversity and facing her fears. She wrote and illustrated the tale for young people and for their therapists , teachers, parents, and any emotionally available adult to help the young people to discuss difficult emotions and feelings safely through metaphor.
Over the summer she met with Jeremy Irons and persuaded him to read the story as the centre piece to an Art Experience she established in Watlington over the Summer bank holiday weekend. 
You can view the whole film here.


posted 9 Sep 2020, 01:27 by James Wilding   [ updated 9 Sep 2020, 01:28 ]

 Here is a pictogram that captures our work from #lockdown - I wonder what our work will look like after another term. Good luck, one and all and #staysafe.

The end of our #lockdown Summer Term is in sight

posted 7 Jul 2020, 00:15 by James Wilding

Tuesday 7 July, and all now seems well set for our End of Term on Friday.
Don't forget to bring school books back to school as requested (Seniors Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) and please do also remember that we need our Chromebooks brought back next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday as well, once you have finished using them. Chromebook return - please use this form to book a one-hour slot to return your Chromebook on either Tuesday 14 or Wednesday 15 July (9.30-2.30pm) to the marquee in the car park at the Senior Boys site. 

Claires Court School goes into lock down...Tuesday 21 March 2020

posted 24 Mar 2020, 05:04 by James Wilding

Following the direction of the Government, we have now migrated all our school off site into their homes, teachers, administration, support staff and of course our children and young people. All of our Key workers are able to look after their children at home, which reduces their chances of infection further. We will reconsider the position regularly, as directed by the Government. Stay safe one and all - Et Unum Omnes Sint!
James Wilding
Academic Principal

Claires Court Digital Services prepares for Home Schooling...

posted 13 Mar 2020, 02:07 by James Wilding   [ updated 13 Mar 2020, 02:07 ]

Image result for g-suiteThe Claires Court Hub has been alive for 8 years now, and it might just be about to receive its biggest test to date. Please keep the Coronvirus at bay boys and girls, remember great hand hygiene, but if school closes, the Hub will become your biggest friend!

Welcome in the new decade - 2020 starts at Claires Court School!

posted 6 Jan 2020, 10:04 by James Wilding

Claires Court Hub appears in the ISC Digital magazine 2019

posted 30 Nov 2019, 03:30 by James Wilding

Read the magazine

A level results and University entrance 2019

posted 16 Aug 2019, 07:08 by James Wilding

The really good news from this year's A level results day is of course that Results open up University entrance, and with over 60 students now placed at their first or second choice Uni, plus a further 4 through clearing we can genuinely celebrate with the students their many and various successes. More to follow...

Year 11 commence their GCSE examinations leave

posted 9 May 2019, 12:01 by James Wilding

Year 11 commence their GCSE examinations leave, with celebration assemblies to recognise their contribution to school life.
News to follow.

MUFTI DAY Friday 15 February 2019

posted 10 Feb 2019, 12:59 by James Wilding

£1 for the day, ideally showing of the colours of our Global Charity of the Year country of origin, The Gambia. Image result for the Gambia flag

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