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Women's football back centre stage in 2021 at Wembley stadium, 100 years after it was banned by the FA.

posted 6 Dec 2021, 10:33 by James Wilding

On a Boxing Day afternoon in Liverpool in 1920, more than 53,000 football fans crammed into Goodison Park with another 14,000 locked outside. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a local derby, but Everton had played the day before and lost to Arsenal. The capacity crowd had come to watch a women's charity match between Dick, Kerr Ladies and St Helens Ladies. Raising money for wounded soldiers, the game had huge support. But a year later, women's football was banned. Read more of this story on the BBC website. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-55429876


posted 29 Nov 2021, 13:18 by James Wilding   [ updated 29 Nov 2021, 13:19 ]

Claires Court Outdoor Education Instructor, James Wragg, is embarking on a huge challenge this December to cycle 4,000 miles around the Great British coastline to raise money for World Land Trust. Battling through the coldest parts of the year, James said, “I could have done it in the summertime but that felt too much like a cycling holiday so I couldn't ask people to sponsor that! It needed to be a proper physical and mental challenge! Besides, it’s only British winter…how hard can it be?”  Read the full article on the school's external website. 

Let the Tree planting begin...

posted 14 Nov 2021, 06:33 by James Wilding

With the outcomes from COP26 becoming clear, we all appreciate the global warming is real, affecting the whole planet and we have a responsibility to change our actions so that the world benefits.
Having been accepted by Carbon Footprint and the Woodland trust, Claires Court have the opportunity to plant some 5000 trees this winter. 
In addition, 100 of our supporters have bought a bigger tree to helps us make a Canopy walkway of trees to stretch across our Eastern part of Claires Court fields, to link Maidenhead Thicket to the North to Woolley Firs and their nature reserve on the South West of our school footprint. Families have booked planting for this Saturday coming 20 November and the Saturday following, 27 November. We have a final session opening for Saturday 4 December, open season for other boys, girls, families and friends of the school to join us for tree planting. If you would like to take part on Sat 4 December, please let me know via this form. https://forms.gle/CLKCvcGVqA2thBs39 

Senior Boys Assembly link for the next 7 weeks of term...

posted 1 Nov 2021, 01:26 by James Wilding

Senior Boys Monday Assembly
Monday, 1 November  onwards · 08:50 – 09:10

Senior Boys Thursday Assembly
Thursday 4 November onwards · 08:50 – 09:10

CCF Passes muster with Exercise Ridgeway Dawn Weekend

posted 26 Sept 2021, 04:03 by James Wilding

On the 11th/12th September, Claires Court CCF welcomed their first ever cadets to their first ever field weekend!

After a very quick and efficient kit issue and safety brief, the cadets were ready to go and Exercise Ridgeway Dawn was underway. The cadets began by rotating around 3 stands, learning all about camouflage and concealment; moving, patrolling and field signals; and living in the field.

Next up was the issue of the ration packs and a lesson on cooking, before cadets had their first taste of a military boil in the bag meal - they all found it delicious! Then it was time for a brief lesson on harbours before setting up their bashas.

As darkness fell, we rehearsed for the recce patrols that would take place later that evening in The Thicket, and RSM Larkin demonstrated some night noises so the cadets could hear how much further noise travelled at night. 

It was then into The Thicket for their recce patrol, to try and obtain as much information about the enemy as possible. Thanks to a cloudy night, it was pitch black under the trees but the cadets did amazingly well considering 12 hours previously they had never even put on a uniform! Each section patrolled in silence to the enemy location, crawled into cover and observed the oscar-worthy performance by 2Lt Richards and CFAV Jon Neil. There were some impressive observations before they patrolled back to their harbour area for a quick debrief and took to their sleeping bags for a well-earned rest.

At 0630 on Sunday morning, the cadets had a somewhat unique Reveille thanks to 2Lt Gravett who had brought his trumpet along. 

After breakfast, the cadets had an excellent first aid lesson thanks to Alastair Cole, and experienced trauma medic from Adventure Lifesigns. Both cadets and staff were amazed to hear of the advances in treatment in the field. 

The cadets blew us away with their enthusiasm and effort during the weekend, and we are very excited to start the new school year and the new CCF with such an amazing contingent!

Alumni (former pupils) News...

posted 9 Sept 2021, 06:16 by James Wilding

Great to recognise Zoë Fitz-Costa's contribution to the Ladies European Solheim Cup team's victory over in Inverness, Ohio. Zoë  is the Tournament Business Manager at Ladies European Tour and was able to travel out to the Invereness Club in Toledo, Ohio to see her Tour team win against the Americans last weekend. Writing for LinkedIn, Zoë had this to say "What a week at the Solheim Cup. An immense display of golf and surely the greatest event in women’s sport. Inverness you put on such a show, thank you. #teameurope" and she posted this photo at the event...!

Welcome back one and all!!!

posted 9 Sept 2021, 01:24 by James Wilding

Thursday 9 September 2021, and Claires Court School is back in session. Have a great term everyone.
Don't forget to sign up for activities...

Alex Sears wins Emmy award for his fantastic graphic art story telling for CNN News

posted 28 Jun 2021, 10:01 by James Wilding

The Project which Alex was involved in was called ‘Style Origins’, which won an Emmy in 2019 for ‘Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction’. Alex was heavily involved in 2/4 of the episodes, working on various aspects of production such as storyboarding, concept development, design, animation, and co-art directed the ‘Evolution of Red Lipstick’ episode.


The purpose of the series ‘Style Origins’ is to inform people about the compelling and colourful history of iconic events or objects in our everyday lives which we wouldn’t necessarily know about. The four topics include the red carpet, the pride flag, the fashion show, and red lipstick. All seemingly simple ideas that went on to revolutionize industries, became political platforms and changed our perspectives. The series explores how these ideas represent our human nature, our need to create, and our need to belong.

CNN - The Evolution of Red Lipstick ‎(1)‎.mp4

Ellie Rayer and Amber Hill selected for the Olympics - Tokyo 2020 (2021 really)

posted 28 Jun 2021, 09:55 by James Wilding

It was a sheer delight to receive the news over the weekend that two former pupils, Ellier Rayer and Amber Hill have been chosen for the Tokyo Olympics this July. Given the highest quality of Ellie (Hockey) and Amber (Skeet Shooting), if Claires Court was a country, we’d stand a good chance of finishing well up the medals table at the end of the Games!

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