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Alumni (former pupils) News...

posted 9 Sept 2021, 06:16 by James Wilding

Great to recognise Zoë Fitz-Costa's contribution to the Ladies European Solheim Cup team's victory over in Inverness, Ohio. Zoë  is the Tournament Business Manager at Ladies European Tour and was able to travel out to the Invereness Club in Toledo, Ohio to see her Tour team win against the Americans last weekend. Writing for LinkedIn, Zoë had this to say "What a week at the Solheim Cup. An immense display of golf and surely the greatest event in women’s sport. Inverness you put on such a show, thank you. #teameurope" and she posted this photo at the event...!

Welcome back one and all!!!

posted 9 Sept 2021, 01:24 by James Wilding

Thursday 9 September 2021, and Claires Court School is back in session. Have a great term everyone.
Don't forget to sign up for activities...

Alex Sears wins Emmy award for his fantastic graphic art story telling for CNN News

posted 28 Jun 2021, 10:01 by James Wilding

The Project which Alex was involved in was called ‘Style Origins’, which won an Emmy in 2019 for ‘Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction’. Alex was heavily involved in 2/4 of the episodes, working on various aspects of production such as storyboarding, concept development, design, animation, and co-art directed the ‘Evolution of Red Lipstick’ episode.


The purpose of the series ‘Style Origins’ is to inform people about the compelling and colourful history of iconic events or objects in our everyday lives which we wouldn’t necessarily know about. The four topics include the red carpet, the pride flag, the fashion show, and red lipstick. All seemingly simple ideas that went on to revolutionize industries, became political platforms and changed our perspectives. The series explores how these ideas represent our human nature, our need to create, and our need to belong.

CNN - The Evolution of Red Lipstick ‎(1)‎.mp4

Ellie Rayer and Amber Hill selected for the Olympics - Tokyo 2020 (2021 really)

posted 28 Jun 2021, 09:55 by James Wilding

It was a sheer delight to receive the news over the weekend that two former pupils, Ellier Rayer and Amber Hill have been chosen for the Tokyo Olympics this July. Given the highest quality of Ellie (Hockey) and Amber (Skeet Shooting), if Claires Court was a country, we’d stand a good chance of finishing well up the medals table at the end of the Games!

Sam McGregor starts work at BBC Radio 1

posted 8 Jun 2021, 02:55 by James Wilding

Broad casting duo, Sam and his friend Danni Diston now run the Sunday afternoon 'The Official Chart: First look on Radio 1", plus introduce the early morning Show every Friday 5 to 6.30am.
Sam attended Claires Court Senior Boys, and whilst completing his Geography degree at Cardiff  has taken the opportunity to build a career in Radio. 

Issey wins Junior Singles title in Wales

posted 8 Jun 2021, 02:48 by James Wilding

Year 12 girl Issey had an incredible two weeks competing in two back to back International Tennis Federation tours, including a 3 hour battle in the Quarter finals! 🎾
Issey won 5 straight matches to claim the Singles title in Wales - all while completing school work in the evenings and breaks on her own accord! Well done, Issey! 🎉

Staff CCF skill at arms training commences...

posted 10 May 2021, 02:09 by James Wilding

...  and the team demonstrated that they had learned enough to pass their weapons handling individual test!
The CCF will be open for entry for boys and girls entering Year 10 or Year 12 in September. 

Boulter's Island opens...

posted 4 May 2021, 03:35 by James Wilding   [ updated 4 May 2021, 03:44 ]

...and we welcome James Wragg to Claires Court Outdoor Education to assist Paul Robson and the 
OE department as we open our new facility on Boulter's Island.  

National survey of children, The Big Ask, launches today

posted 20 Apr 2021, 06:39 by James Wilding

The new Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, has today launched The Big Ask – the largest ever consultation with children aged 4 to 17 in England. It aims to find out children’s concerns and aspirations about the future, so that we can put children at the heart of our country’s recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

All schools are encouraged to support their pupils to complete this survey. A range of teaching resources have also been produced, including lesson plans and activity packs, to help teachers incorporate this into their lessons.

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